Clarendon Flats

The first of twenty-one Hodges buried in Clarendon Flats Cemetery was four-year-old Elizabeth, laid to rest in 1785, daughter of Dr. Silas Hodges. Dr. Hodges had practiced for some years in Woodstock, CT, and afterwards in Dunbarton, NH, when the Revolutionary War broke out. He served as surgeon in the Continental Army, and was for some time in the military family of General George Washington. Dr. Hodges came to Clarendon about 1783, and was buried next to Elizabeth in 1801. Fellow practitioner, Dr. Silas Bowen, born in Woodstock, CT., and arriving in Clarendon in 1822, founder of the Medical Society of Vermont, noted temperance advocate, and Free Mason, is buried nearby with a wonderful Knights Templar symbol, In hoc signo vinces, on his headstone.

Feature Story

Charlie Marchant,
Cemetery Man

Charlie Marchant haunts Vermont graveyards.

In Windham County, where he lives, Marchant knows the backroad cemeteries so well you would think he had cleared the land and buried the departed himself. He also knows about cemeteries he has not visited and can lecture informally on the notable features. such as the famous people buried there and the monuments of architectural significance.

Marchant, 51, is secretary and past president of the Vermont Old Cemetery Association. His interest in graveyards is practical as well as intellectual — he earns a chunk of his living restoring them. Hired by a town or historical society, he goes to work to resettle and repair broken stones, compile a list of the names of the buried, and prepare maps of the graveyard. Some towns have used his maps in conjunction with town vital records to discover whether headstones have fallen over, then gradually disappeared over the decades. When that happens...Read on...

Historical Society of Clarendon Vermont

Our purpose and mission is to provide a repository for documents, photographs and other artifacts related to the history of the town of Clarendon, Vermont and its residents, and to ensure that these items are appropriately available for study, research or general interest.

We are a small group who came together last September to begin the process of creating an historical society for Clarendon. Since then we have worked through the formation tasks that had to be completed before we could begin operations. At present we meet monthly at the Clarendon Town Hall. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit incorporated in Vermont.

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Theophilus Harrington