Early Spring in Colchester's Center Cemetery

When you first walk in the gate at Colchester’s Center Cemetery, Reverend Ansel Nash, the Congregational Church’s first permanent pastor (1845-1849) welcomes you to his parish. Further down the row, are Captain Moses Bates and his wife Content. Captain Bates led the Colchester contingent in the Battle of Plattsburgh in the War of 1812. Continue on through the stones from the 1800’s, rich with hand-carved symbols; you’ll pass hands pointing up, open books, wreaths, weeping willows, roses, shields, branches with hanging fruit, and the epitaph It Is All Bright Up There. On the lower side of the cemetery, rests Ray Collins, a Colchester boy who joined the Red Sox as a pitcher in 1909. On your way out, take a close look at the base of the wrought iron gate. It is marked Page No. 115, produced by the Page Woven Wire Fence Company about 1900.

Feature Story

Some Molded Metallic Material
During our survey of the known cemeteries in Grand Isle County last summer, we kept seeing these powdery bluish monuments made of metal. You would knock on them with your knuckles and know it was metal by the hollow sound. One that sticks in the mind is that of Thomas Babcock (1818-1864), and his wife Saphronia Darrow (1819-1897), located on the back side of the Alburg Center Cemetery. A closer look at the inscription indicates that Babcock is actually only memorialized here with his wife’s remains, and is in fact buried in Andersonville, Georgia. Tom Ledoux’ Vermont in the Civil War web site confirms that... Read on...

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Refreshments and registration beginning at 9 AM. Meeting at 10.00. Lunch will be at noon catered by Edwards Market in Granville, by reservation only. Reservations for lunch must be made by April 22nd , by sending your $15 check, made out to VOCA to Peggy Jenks, 24 Mettowee St., Granville, NY 12832, or register by phone 518-642-1894, by that date. Be sure to state if you want the vegetarian meal.