New Haven's Evergreen

When you drive into New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery for the first time, you will be drawn to the 100-year-old red brick maintenance building given by William Hoyt in memory of his friend Mills Landon. You will park, immediately gravitate to the pitcher pump, push the handle down, and be greeted with a gush of clear water at your feet. A great smile will come to your face. Looking up, John Donne will beckon you further into the sanctum with the words, ‘On a huge hill, cragged, and steep, truth stands.’ New Haven has been burying her dead here since 1791 with anvil and horseshoe, table stone, and a powdery blue, white bronze monument with molded tray for planting flowers!

Feature Story

Ground Thawer
for Winter Grave Digging

Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago has developed under the exigencies of the recent severe and continuous winter, a type of simple and practical ground thawing furnace that has been the means of effecting a saving of about fifty per cent in the cost of winter grave digging and in lessening the hardships of winter interment work to such an extent as to make it not only economical but a valuable aid in conserving the strength and efficiency of the men. The device consists of a simple sheet iron box 48 inches long and about 18 inches high, open at both bottom and top, the sides sloping inward so that the top opening is about half of the width at the bottom... Read on...

2016 Fund Campaign

To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a dream”. For many years now I have dreamed about VOCA’s permanent fund being at a level that would enable VOCA to award substantial grants to all of Vermont’s... Read on...

Descendants of the Green Mountain Boys

As descendants of The Green Mountain Boys, we feel fortunate to know our lineage from a brave and resolute group of early New England settlers and militia men, who through a long and ultimately successful land dispute with New York, helped form the Independent Republic of Vermont. Although small in number, The Green Mountain Boys also materially assisted the cause of America’s fight for Independence in the Revolutionary War.

Our purpose is twofold: to honor our ancestors and their contributions, and to continue to help identify these remarkable and sometimes forgotten Patriots.

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