Somebody's Got To Do it

Natives and leaf peepers traveling along the William Scott Memorial Highway a few Saturdays ago would have noticed a blue wheelbarrow, shovels, buckets, some fresh soil being turned, and two people on their hands and knees in the Groton Village Cemetery. That Saturday, while most were traveling the roads and taking in Vermont's crimson and gold mountainsides, Tony Dennis and his son were righting headstones of the Clarks who started burying their family in the cemetery in 1823. We stopped, backed up, parked and walked among the wonderful funerary symbols including draped urns, lambs, Grecian columns, hands pointing up, veterans' flags, and olive trees. Tony, whose work you could see elsewhere in the cemetery, responded to our 'how did you get involved with headstone restoration' with 'somebody's got to do it'.

Feature Story

Lareau Farm Graveyard
Nestled amid towering maple and birch trees, on a hill overlooking Lareau Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont, is the family graveyard of the Stoddards, one of the founding families of the town. The 25-acre farm at 46 Lareau Road is now home to the restaurant American Flatbread, administrative cabins, a bed and breakfast, working farm fields, and an events pavillion. There are no signs or markers indicating the existence of the graveyard to the southwest of the farmhouse - only a narrow trailhead almost entirely obscured by tall weeds and wild raspberry bushes... Read on...

We Need a Secretary!

As per the bylaws: The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, issue announcements, handle mailings unless otherwise arranged, conduct secretarial correspondence. Please contact our president, Tom Giffin.

Preservation Burlington

Our Mission: Preservation Burlington is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the historic architecture and livability of Burlington through education and advocacy.

History: Preservation Burlington was founded in 1998 by local residents and preservationists. Over the past decade our accomplishments include: preserving the Varney House at 76 Cherry Street, Henry’s Diner, and the Captain White House; passing the “four unrelated adult” ordinance to help bring families back to historic neighborhoods in the core of the city; and recognizing a variety of local projects and individuals with yearly preservation awards.

Homes Tour Committee: Responsible for organizing Preservation Burlington's biggest fundraiser, typically held in June each year. We scout out potential homes, research their histories, compile a tour booklet, solicit ads for the program, and promote the tour in the local media.

Advocacy Committee: Works to monitor and protect Burlington’s neighborhoods, historic homes, and quality of life. The committee meets ad hoc to discuss current events. When issues arise the committee researches problems and solutions and produces recommendations that can then be presented to the community. Preservation Burlington is often looked to for expertise when there is a perceived threat and our Advocacy Committee is the source of that expertise.

Education Committee: Works towards an expansion of the understanding of preservation issues. The committee produces a cable access television show that appears monthly on Channel 17, CCTV. In addition to this, they also organize a slate of how to workshops and public speaking forums on both “nuts and bolts” preservation and policy issues. This past year was the first History Hunt cosponsored by Burlington Planning and Zoning and the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program. It was a huge success and received rave reviews from everyone that participated.

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