Still Abandoned

The Vermont Old Cemetery Assocation's 1989 survey of Warner Cemetery in St. Albans reported the following: The cemetery was first used in 1848, contains 8 graves, and is abandoned. Our survey on Sunday reports the following: The cemetery was first used in 1848, contains 12 graves (according to Find A Grave), has 5 stones, 2 of which are broken and lying on the ground, is overgrown with brush, and is abandoned. Action items: 1) Who owns cemetery? St.Albans Town? Private? Association? Ecclesiastical? 2) Estimated out-of-pocket repair costs: epoxy $15, hardwood stakes $18, incidentals $10. 3) Need volunteer; contact St. Albans Boy Scouts and suggest as Eagle Scout project. 4) Work plan: Day 1: Pre-preservation survey 2 hours, clear brush and close mow 3 hours. Day 2: Excavate broken stones, clean, re-erect with epoxy and hardwood stakes 5 hours. Day 3: Remove hardwood stakes 1/2 hour. Post-preservation survey 1 hour. Fence planning 1 hour.

Feature Story

Harley Alfred Rowe
Harley Alfred Rowe, born in Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont on October 16, 1866, was one of four children of Lyman Pratt Rowe and Cornelia A.E. Whitmore. In 1870, Harley was living at home with his parents in Brandon, Rutland County, Vermont. At this time, at the age of three years, he was called “Charles A.” By 1880, 14 year old Harley was a farm laborer and a servant living on a farm in Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont with Philip Cloys, a farmer, and his family. In 1888, Harley A. Rowe was residing in Salisbury, Addison County, Vermont where he was employed in a wood pulp manufacturing mill on the Leicester River... Read on...

We Need a Secretary!

As per the bylaws: The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, issue announcements, handle mailings unless otherwise arranged, conduct secretarial correspondence. Please contact our president, Tom Giffin.

July at the Vermont Historical Society

Whether you're casually interested in Vermont history, keen to experience bygone eras, or passionate about telling stories about Vermont's past, the Vermont Historical Society has programs for you! Click here for details on these great programs at the VHS.

July 3 - Montpelier Community Day & Parade
July 7 - Mountaineers play ball with Vermont Historical Society!
July 11 - Second Saturday: Bruce Venter & The Battle of Hubbardton
July 24 and 25 - Barre Heritage Festival & Parade