A Visit to Checkerberry

The W. S. Rann History of Chittenden County Vermont, published in 1886, relates this story about 1830’s Checkerberry Village in Milton: Checkerberry Village was then a thriving place, and afforded a cheering prospect of future growth and prosperity; a promise which time has yet to fulfill. Rann would be pleased to see the daily passage of 10,000 horseless carriages, the True Value Hardware and the Dunkaccino at Jolley’s Quick Stop. He would likely have mixed feelings about the Checkerberry Cemetery, on the one hand carrying on the heritage of our forebearers from the Revolution, on the other in need of preservation. The pictures are from Sunday's visit. Checkerberry in the database.

Feature Story

A Bone And Coffin Handle Found In A Cemetery
In 1875 political maneuverings forced the City of Rutland Vermont to establish a place for its indigent citizens. The city purchased land for a Poor Farm and used a portion of the unusable land on a hill behind the farm house as a burial ground. Boarders who died without relatives, financial assets, or other means to be buried elsewhere, were buried at the cemetery. A published report lists the names and ages of thirty boarders buried there. The farm was closed in 1966. The area on the hill became the city dump and later the county recycling center... Read on...

Fall Meeting to be held October 4, 2014 in Townshend, VT!

The Fall meeting of the Vermont Old Cemetery Association will be held in Townshend, Vermont on October 4, 2014. The meeting is open to the public and all are welcomed! If you are interested in the cemeteries of Vermont, please join us. Details of the meeting will follow. Please let us know your interest by clicking on the Facebook Event below.