We did our best this afternoon to locate John W. Boutwell, Medal of Honor winner at the Third Battle of Petersburg, Virginia in the Civil War. Saint Joseph Cemetery, Burlington’s oldest Catholic cemetery, has 4000+ interments. John Lonergan, Medal of Honor winner at Gettysburg, is also there. Boutwell is there as a cenotaph with his wife Mary, he is actually buried in Arlington; Lonergan is there for real. Lonergan has a new Roadside Historic Marker in downtown Burlington. Colonel A. W. Hyde gave the land for the cemetery to the Catholics of Burlington in 1830. Celtic crosses and Irish surnames abound. There is a picture of John and Mary’s marker on Find-a-Grave; we are emailing the photographer to get directions.

Feature Story

Iron Fences
Next time you visit Center Cemetery in Colchester, if you look closely at the left or right gate post, down at the bottom on the shoe of the gate post, you will see Page No. 115 cast in the metal. Page, i.e., Page Woven Wire Fence Company, was founded in 1889 by J. Wallace Page, a Civil War veteran, farmer, tinkerer, and future industrialist. By 1898, Page had turned (pardon the pun) his one man fence making shop into two large plants, one in Adrian, Michigan and the other in Monessen, Pennsylvania, producing woven wire, farm fence gates, wire, nails, staples, and wrought iron fences for cemeteries. No. 115 refers to one of a number of cemetery fence patterns... Read on...

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May at the Vermont Historical Society

Whether you're casually interested in Vermont history, keen to experience bygone eras, or passionate about telling stories about Vermont's past, the Vermont Historical Society has programs for you! Click here for details on these great programs at the VHS.

May 13 & 14 – History for Homeschoolers – Rainy Days: Water in Vermont
May 15 – Drinking About Vermont History, an evening at the Vermont History Museum
May 16 – Lamoille County Free-for-all Curator's tour
May 20 – Lamoille County Free-for-all Director's tour
May 21 – Stories in Stitches: Vermont-Made Samplers – Ellen Thompson