A Grand View Indeed!

Jones Hill climbs very, very sharply up behind the Congregational Church in Charlotte. If you have walked up Mt. Philo, 3 miles to the south, the topography is the same. As early as 1832, the Congregationalists began burying their loved ones going up the slope, giving them a grand view, a grand view indeed! At the highest terrace in Grand View Cemetery, the departed watch the sun rising in the east above Camel’s Hump and setting in the west over Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. The cemetery has all the classic features of the “rural” cemetery movement with one-hundred-year-old cedar and maple, draped urns, obelisks, stone balls, stone terracing and exedra (memorial benches), as well as the steepest roads of any cemetery in Vermont.

Feature Story

Thrice Buried

In Abby Maria Hemenway’s Vermont Historical Gazetteer, Volume III, Orleans and Rutland County, published in 1877, the Troy history contains a section entitled Soldiers of the War of 1861 by Col. O. N. Elkins. That title in itself is a story. The term Civil War only came into widespread American usage in the early 1900's. During and after the war, the terms War Between the States, War of the Rebellion, Great Rebellion, War for Southern Independence, War of Northern Aggression, War of Southern Aggression, Freedom War, War of Secession, even Battle between North and South side of the United States, and American (US) North-South War were used. In any case, the soldiers from Troy who served in the War of 1861 are listed, including one Oscar A. Hale, who carries this typical war record:

Name: Hale, Oscar A.*
Rank: Capt.
Company: D
Regiment: 6th
Date of enlistment: Oct. 8, ‘61
Date of muster: Oct. 15, ‘61
Mustered out: Oct. 28, ’64, Lt. Col... Read on...

Peacham Historical Association

The first meeting of the Peacham Historical Association was held on May 29, 1916, when it was decided to organize such a society and officers were chosen with M.W. Chaffee as president. At the second meeting, on September 16, 1916, the Executive Committee was instructed to prepare a constitution and by-laws, which were approved on the following February 17. The Association was incorporated August 11, 1921. Throughout its history, the PHA continues to preserve, protect and present the vast history of the town of Peacham. The PHA is supported by a membership that extends across the United States.

Our website will give you an overview of the Historical Association’s collections, publications, programs and other offerings. We hope you will join us at an upcoming event or sign up for a membership.

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